The cast of Disney's Avalon High.

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This wiki is about The 2010 Drama Adventure Disney movie Avalon high. This movie stars Britt Robertson , Gregg Sulkin and Joey Pallari. This movie is centered on Allie Pennington (Britt Robertson) who has recently moved to Avalon High for her parents to become proffesors at the university. Allie meets Will Wagner who appears to be the reincarnation of King Arthur but is he what he seems to be? Allie soon discovers there is something strange going on at Avalon High and with her best friend Miles at her side she will go to the ends of the earth to find out what it is.


Allie has heard about king arthur from basically the age she could walk and its not long before she starts to dream about him.The opening scene shows what appears to be arthur's nights heading towards Mordred.Someone is scene being thrown off their horse and their horse running into the nearby beach water.Allie is then seen lying on the ground in armour with her eyes closed.

She is then seen lying on the ground of her bedroom.We learn that she has just moved to Avalon High for 3 years,she is thrilled with this as she has moved constantly and has not had time to make friends or join school teams . So she is thrilled that her parents are staying to become professors of medival literature at the university. She wants to join the track team and goes out running.

She meets Will Wagner at the water fountain and instantly seems to think he is the reincarnation of king arthur of course Mordred must be his horrible step brother Marco but all is not what it seems to be and things take a suprising turn.

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