Allie Pennington

Allie Pennington is the main character in the disney channel original movie "Avalon High". She moves to Avalon High after she has moved from town to town continuesly every six months.Her parents are proffesors of Medival Litterature and go on and on about King Arthur. Allie is so sick and tired of hearing about king arthur,so she is furious when she starts to dream about him.She is sure avalon high is no different than all the other places she has lived and they are just going to move in six months.As they are putting the books away into the book cases,allie says "I see king arthur and his merry men have once again invaded the house."Her mother than corrects her by saying "It was Robin Hood who had the merry men sweetie,Arthur had the nights of the round table."Allie then says she has known this and doesnt see the point of unpacking as "we're just gonna move in six months right?"Her mother then says they will not move in 6 months but 3 years and allie is amazed and over joyed.She then asks if she will be at avalon high until she graduates and her parents say yes. She then decides to try out for the track as she can finish the season without worrying about leaving. She goes out running and eventually stops to go to a water fountain and runs into none other than Will Wagner.